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  • Disposable Infusion Sets

    Disposable Infusion Sets

    An infusion set is used with devices such as an insulin pump. The purpose of an infusion set is to deliver liquid medicine under the skin, fulfilling a similar function like an intravenous line. It is a complete tubing system to connect an insulin pump to the pump user and as such includes a subcutaneous cannula, adhesive mount, quick-disconnect, and a pump cartridge connector.

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    Product detail

    Disposable Infusion Sets


    1. Specification: Airinlet type & Without arinlet type; Plastic spike & Steel spike;Blowing Mold Drip Chamber Type & Injected Mold Drip Chamber Type, Double Spike type.

    2. Can be customized according to customer requirement.

    3. Delivery time: 500000 pcs, within 35 days, ≤1000000 pcs, negotiable

    Material ?Medical grade PVC
    Color ?Transparent
    Package 1pc/blister or PE bag, outer carton
    MOQ 500000 pcs per type
    Monthly capacity 5000000 per month
    Sterilized method EO gas
    OEM Acceptable

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